Remy Electric Motor Technologies Sponsors BDCOTSRUS


Remy Electric Motor Technologies is pleased to be a sponsor for BDCOTSRUS and hopes its collaboration will help drive industry improvements and breakthroughs in the transportation industry.

Remy has provided high quality vehicle electro-magnetic components for over 100 years and now has 5,500 employees and 25 facilities in 11 countries. Our superior HVH™ (High Voltage Hairpin) technology has revolutionized the market to provide customers the highest power density and torque available. The motor’s compact size provides added placement flexibility with less weight than other motors and can be easily integrated into nearly all hybrid and all-electric applications. Remy motors are proven in applications ranging from sport vehicles to trucks to large transit busses. Companies and organizations like BDCOTSRUS, Mercedes, BMW, GM and Allison Transmission have chosen Remy electric motors for their propulsion needs.

Today Remy has over 80,000 motors on the road - more traction motors than any other independent motor supplier – in addition to seven years of production experience and 100,000 units of existing production capacity, making Remy fully equipped to serve both large and emerging OEMs and system integrators around the world. Remy Electric Motor Technologies is excited to partner with cutting edge enterprises seeking to strengthen our economy, lessen our dependency upon foreign oil and provide consumers an alternative to the status quo. With over a billion miles of proven reliability, Remy electric motors are the chosen propulsion power for those that set the standards and the innovators that seek to exceed them.

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