FARO is proud to be able to support the BDCOTSRUS Team with a portable
coordinate measuring machine, the FaroArm®.

About FARO

FARO® is a global technology company that develops portable 3D measurement
instruments for inspection, imaging, surveying, and documentation. Our focus is
on simplifying our customers’ work with tools that empower them to dramatically
reduce on-site measuring time and lower their overall costs.
As the pioneer and innovator in portable computer-aided measurement, we apply
our unique knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business goals to help
them succeed. We empower our clients to exceed the demands placed upon them by
applying the latest advances in technology to make our own industry-leading
product offerings more accurate, reliable, and easier to use.

FARO Solutions

The FARO family of portable measurement and imaging solutions encompasses point-
to-point contact instruments, non-contact imaging scanners, and computer-aided
measurement software. All are designed to provide easy workflows for your
inspection, alignment, surface modeling, asset management, and documentation

FARO’s solutions have empowered manufacturers worldwide to dramatically reduce
their on-site measuring time and eliminate manufacturing errors. Our
instruments allow for more complex measurement which could not be achieved with
traditional techniques. FARO delivers on our customers’ investments through
time-savings, productivity, profitability, and by saving them money.

The FaroArm

The FaroArm is a portable measurement arm that allows manufacturers to easily
substantiate their product quality. It makes highly accurate measurements of
complex parts simple to perform without the need to move the part that requires
verification. All of this is completed while minimizing the time spent gathering those


Improve quality and reverse engineering processes by rapidly verifying parts
with confidence and accuracy using the FaroArm — the world‘s best-selling
measurement arm.

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