Airtab™ is proud to be able to support the BDCOTSRUS Team with the airtab® vortex generators for our competition vehicle, tow vehicle and trailer.

About Airtabs


Airtab® is a registered trademark of Aeroserve Technologies Ltd. US and Canadian Patents.


Airtabs™ are patented wishbone shaped vortex generators designed to reduce aerodynamic drag at two key vehicle locations; the tractor-trailer gap and the rear of any commercial or private square backed vehicle or trailer that routinely attains highway speeds. Airtab® application is not limited to commerical transportation vehicles such as semi tractor-trailers and straight trucks.  Airtabs™ perform as well on cube vans, SUVs, RVs, buses, horse, toy and utility trailers as well as on faired "bob tail" tractors, flat bed, grain, cattle haulers and tankers.  The results may vary with the vehicle type but the aerodynamic theory and principles are the same.

Each Airtab® creates two tight swirls of air or vortices that combine to reduce the suction and drag at the rear of vehicles traveling at speeds above approximately 35 mph or 55kmph. Airtabs™ are also effective at the rear rooflines of automobiles that have a rear window slope of greater than 30 degrees.

Airtabs™ improve vehicle stability by altering the airflow at the vehicle's rear. Remarkably improved handling characteristics have been reported on Class 8 rigs in North America and on the famous truck trains in Australia.

Browse our website for more information on the Airtab® product and how it can save fuel dollars and improve vehicle stability and safety.

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